Avoda initiative was launched in November 2015 as a charitable organization to assist in providing Aid for Victims of Diseases in Africa. Our areas of interest initially focused more on communicable diseases found especially in the low income areas of West Africa. However, after several months of research and having considered available resources, we discovered that there was a real opportunity for improvement in outcome of certain non-communicable diseases such as breast and cervical cancers. We identified serious gaps in the mortality rates of these diseases when compared to the Western world especially given that many cases of breast and cervical cancer, if identified early on, do not necessarily have to be a death sentence. Given these circumstances, we discerned our area of first priority which was creating increased awareness in breast cancer and offering affordable, if not free, screening. Thus, in January 2017, B-CASPA was launched.

Meet The Team


1. Adebola Olatunji MD. founder and CEO.
2. Adebayo Taoheed olatunji
3. Ikechukwu okolocha
4. Ayotunde Adeyeri MD. (Medical Director)
5. Ademola Olukayode Osokoya ( CFO and Campaign Director)
6. Adetola Olatunji
7 Uthman Aroworamimo (IT director)
8. Aderonke Olatunji (Secretary)
9. Angela Smith (Activity Director)
10. Dr. Bimbo Iyayi (Program Director)
11. Dr Dayo Onitilo (Principal Oncologist)


1. Adedayo Olatunji


  1. Provide avenues for early breast cancer detection through increases breast cancer awareness.
  2. Provide access to breast cancer screening in at risk populations.
  3. Provide access to treatment of detected cases .
  4. Facilitate means to provide follow up care for diagnosed cases.
  5. Using the advantages of Early detection to manage breast cancer rates and increase survival rates.
  6. Use low cost screening methods such as breast examinations to increase overall coverage.